June 5th 2018

  • Holes 2, 3 and 4 closed until further notice.
  • Yacht Club Tournament (scheduled for 16th June) postponed until 17th November 2018.


May 22nd 2018 – Effective immediately players are permitted ‘Placing Through The Green‘ until further notice. This is a temporary local rule permitted during wet & winter conditions. The ball must be marked first, lifted, cleaned and placed within 30cm of the marker, no nearer the hole.

The term “Through The Green” means anywhere on the course including fairways & rough, with the exception of Tees, Greens & Hazards.

Placing (or “preferred lie” as its known internationally) “through the green” allows all players the equal opportunity for their next shot to be clean, free of mud, pitch & sucker marks, divots and debris. Equal for everyone = more enjoyment for all.