Welcome to Akaroa Golf Club

Health & Safety of Players – Hazards & Risks

All persons enter the Akaroa Golf Course and Club Rooms at their own risk.


The Akaroa Golf Club takes its Health & Safety obligations seriously. Due to its unique and stunning natural features, the course has many potential risk hazards to be aware of


  • While enjoying the views, always be mindful of the potential risks – slippery steep slopes, narrow bridges, and wayward flying golf balls.
  • On some fairways players are unsighted from oncoming golf balls, particularly over rises or from behind trees. If you or your partner hit a wayward ball warn unwary players by shouting “FORE” loudly and promptly.
  • Players hit by flying golf balls cause death and serious injuries around the world.
  • The Tees of the 14th & 17th holes are vulnerable to wayward balls from both directions. Please use the screen for protection.
  • The steep slopes on holes 3, 4 and 14 require special care and attention especially when wet.
  • Motorised Golf Carts must remain on the cart paths on holes 3 & 4 at all times. Operating carts on slopes is dangerous, and may cause a cart to slide, spin or roll out of control. Operate carts in a safe responsible manner.
  • Retrieving golf balls from creeks is hazardous and dangerous. Golf balls are cheap compared to falls and injuries.

Throughout the course and clubhouse, please take care and act responsibly – BUT – above all, stay safe, have fun and enjoy the challenge that is the Akaroa Golf Club Course.


Message to Members re Coronavirus 17 March 2020

So until this pandemic passes, we ask everyone to be vigilant and mindful of the possibilities for infection. Our club bathrooms are fully stocked with disinfectant soaps & towels.
Please take care to :-
  • Regularly Wash & Dry your hands thoroughly, and avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging or kissing other golfers.
  • Avoid touching others golf clubs & equipment.
  • Avoid getting into others personal space (1mt) to talk and socialise.
MOST OF ALL – If you have even the slightest cough, cold, fever, runny nose or sore throat, PLEASE DON’T COME TO GOLF. Stay home until you are 100% well.
Kind Regards
Gary Knight
AGC President