Membership Types and Subscriptions

Subscription Year 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020

Membership Cost (NZD)
Full Member *$540
Country ‘A’ Member *$325 (Secondary Member – Pays Full Affiliation fees to ‘Home’ Club elsewhere in New Zealand)
Country ‘B’ Member *$470 (Does not reside in Akaroa or Wairewa Ward, regularly plays at Akaroa Golf Club and pays Full Affiliation fees there.
9 Hole Member *$350
International Member *$350 (Normal place of residence is not in New Zealand)
Seasonal Member *$350 (1st October to 31st March – Summer or,1st April – 30th September – Winter)
Student Member *$160 (Over 18 years at 30th June)
Junior Member $65 (Under 18 years at 30th June)
Non Playing Member $40

*Hole in One Insurance ($5 is included. Pay-out is $200 Bar Credit)

All Subscriptions are 15% GST Inclusive

For Members joining during the Financial Year, the Club part of the subscription
Is charged pro-rata.

Subscriptions may be subject to change following the Club AGM each June.