Welcome to Akaroa Golf Club

Health & Safety of Players – Hazards & Risks

All persons enter the Akaroa Golf Course and Club Rooms at their own risk.


The Akaroa Golf Club takes its Health & Safety obligations seriously. Due to its unique and stunning natural features, the course has many potential risk hazards to be aware of


  • While enjoying the views, always be mindful of the potential risks – slippery steep slopes, narrow bridges, and wayward flying golf balls.
  • On some fairways players are unsighted from oncoming golf balls, particularly over rises or from behind trees. If you or your partner hit a wayward ball warn unwary players by shouting “FORE” loudly and promptly.
  • Around the world players hit by flying golf balls has caused death and serious injuries.
  • The Tees of the 14th & 17th holes are vulnerable to wayward balls from both directions. Please use the screen for protection.
  • The steep slopes on holes 3, 4 & 14 require special care and attention especially when wet.
  • Motorised Golf Carts must remain on the cart paths on holes 3 & 4 at all times. Operating carts on slopes is dangerous, and may cause a cart to slide, spin or roll out of control. Operate carts in a safe responsible manner.
  • Retrieving golf balls from creeks is hazardous and dangerous. Golf balls are cheap compared to injuries from falls.


Throughout the course and clubhouse, please take care and act responsibly – BUT – above all, stay safe, have fun and enjoy the challenge of the Akaroa Golf Club Course.