Club Members Trophy List


 Aileen Newton Cup: Four Ball Best Ball Matchplay. Handicap limit 36

 Alison Stewart:       Stableford 2 Rounds

 All Irons Trophy

Aotearoa Cup & Coronation Medal:  Best Nett  Silver players only for Coronation Medal

Armstrong Cup:  Matchplay Knockout. Women to receive extra strokes from men and play off Mens card.  Handicaps to be those posted at time of playing.

Balguerie Trophy:   Best Nett.  2 clubs and a putter   

Barwick Cup:  Men 4BBB Par  Opening Day

Captains Trophy:   Mens & Women best nett over 18 Holes

Carmen McCormick Rose Bowl:   Closing Day Stableford

Championships and Club Trophies:

Full, Country A, Country B, Student , Junior, and Seasonal members (within their financial period) are eligible to enter

All players must have a current handicap before entering

D.I.C. Cup:   Canadian 40% combined handicap Best 8 Nett to qualify

Duvauchelle Hotel Cup: Mens Ringers qualify on Saturday Competition only. Matchplay and incomplete rounds do not qualify

Founders Cup:  Mens & Women best nett over 18 Holes (Women get 3 extra strokes)

Frank Free Cup: Individual Matchplay, Best 16 Nett to qualify

Grace Thacker Trophy: Best 2 out of 3 Nett Rounds

Grant Dickey Trophy: Mixed Ball, Best Ball, Par Opening Day

 Hooker Cup: Aggregate of 2 stableford rounds

Jack Prendergast Trophy: Best 2 netts over 3 rounds Played over Matchplay qualifying rounds

Womens Opening Day Trophy:   Mixed,Captains Choice

 Langrope Cup: Count putts in the medal rounds  Best 5 to count

 Lavericks Jug: Mens 4BBB Matchplay Knockout

 *LGU: Best Nett ( 3 Grades ) and Best Nett overall on the day

 LGU: Best Nett (3 grades).  4 rounds to count for medal Includes *LGU rounds

Matchplay Championships:  Top 8 qualify for Matchplay Next 8 qualify for Flights

McIntosh Trophy:  Mixed Foursomes Matchplay Knockout

Allow the higher handicapped side 50% of the difference of the combined handicaps of each side.

Medal Rounds: Best Overall Nett on the day

Merv Blackwell Memorial: Mixed 4BBB Stableford Closing Day – Drawn Pairs

Murray Davis Memorial: Mixed 18 holes Combined Stableford

Patricia Griffin Salver:  Count Putts Best 4 of 6

Ramsay Cup:  Mixed 18 holes Combined Net

Ron Luisetti Memorial:  Mixed,highest aggregate Stableford points over the five par 3 holes

Seafield Tray:  Best nett – Over 3 rounds of Stroke Play Champs

Skinner Cup:  Best aggregate Sunday netts

Women play off White Tees & receive3 extra strokes.  Best 5 of 8 rounds to qualify

Southpaw Stakes:  Left handers. 18 holes best nett.

Summer Cup:Best 6 nett Rounds.Wednesdays Dec to end Feb.

Stroke Play Championships:  Men. Best 2 of 3 Gross Rounds

Stroke Championships: Womens 3 Grades. Best 2 of 3 Gross Rounds

Tiffany Stewart Tray: 4BBB stableford.  Aggregate 2 rounds

Tim Rhodes Trophy:  Mens best ball stableford    Drawn partners

 Vice Presidents Cup Closing Day Mens Pairs 4BBB Stableford

Marguerite Henderson Weekender Trophy:
Played on Saturdays or Sundays from March to October. Best aggregate of 6 Netts.Only one from each month to count

MATCHES:  All matches must be played by due date.
Winners post result and score. Please read Matchplay rules posted in the Clubhouse

 All Cups & Trophies Course Handicap 40 Maximum – LGU – Handicap limit 40.4

Note: For further information please read Notice Boards in Womens Room.


Opening Day Trophy

Matchplay Championships

Patricia Griffin Individual Matchplay Trophy

Kath Morton Stableford Trophy Best of 2 Rounds

Midwinter Trophy

Strokeplay Championships

Balguerie Trophy 2 Clubs & Putter Best Nett

Count Putts Trophy Best 4 of 6

Marion Wilson All Irons Cup

Carmen McCormick Closing Day Rosebowl Stableford